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Serve Them Toxins

by Choronzon

Centuries Of Plague Walk in the lost Secret minds ruination Shock invocation, rise, transform Sold honor, centuries of plague Temptation, rot, resonate Your nervous knowledge Virus Interior narrative labyrinths Rocket the Steely Imagining of What rebels plot well Poisoning Sold honor, centuries of plague Temptation, rot, resonate Your nervous knowledge Virus
Power Narrative What a great ring of powerlessness We're all in splinters A book of souls arms haste piece Daemons rot Possessed day fire Space-Eaters Ah, Space-Eaters Space-Eaters attempting hysteria Entities, the power narratives The souls in graves Entities, the power narratives The souls in graves What a great ring of powerlessness We're all in splinters A book of souls arms haste piece Daemons rot Possessed day fire Entities, the power narratives The souls in graves The honoring strangers forms, import of our Indeterminate controlled mechanistic industry-policed Defund uninitiated fellow blood, grotesque The origin story device Expressions, wanders, screams The nomination as idiosyncratic science Revelations, discrepancies, conspiracies Your cruel inanimateness, you hark, vexed, sick Return backwards, monolith, blood-soaked, cruel
A Becoming Need of Fire Fluctuations of black revelations Entities, madmen adding Will, sealed The inner name of symbol's prophets Arkanum, statement of World intersection Lying as of time, rule parasite The Beast devoured time Deprivation, catastrophe Due process, stare into the center A larval consciousness Consciousness becoming A development Banishing themselves The ever natural ecstatics The model delusion Sustained This intellectual might of love Becoming pleasure Methods point outwards in fury Calcified
Suspended Outside Time Alien human combustion experimentation Conclusion world secrets Sphere fire panic world Control explicitly to Class by Myth Recognized spell Science shining Soma senses as for beauty experience speculation Propaganda position mutate Multi-media intellectual fallout Secret mechanics Information Empire Terror mathematics sweep Theory Archives Fast-Dumped permeates this caustic incredible Virus current shows spiritual Mind losing witch-hunter Space back sane slide Body HALO your revolution into glow Emptiness built enigma Visible radiation Light-bringer method recognized
Desire Replication Injection Illumination Survival fate at all cost Separate talk from action Great grey coiled ancient souls begin to surface The flitting shadow insanity Lure the angel to the fall Deceptive river run unto the soul The Oblivion star return And in my dying want To convey this prophesy
Serve Them Toxins speculation fabricated connections Cultural Mutation bursts delusion system of disentangling postmodern references the seekers fabricated Serve them toxins Lightening delusion turbulence Malware sentiments ECHELON Infrastructure show, rights screened Investigation it transmitted out sweeping treatment piety worm dimensions a horror twist dedicated Science sound Infrastructure and alienation Serve them toxins Lightening delusion turbulence Malware sentience, ECHELON Infrastructure sold, rights screened Rise Transform Desire, replications, injection, illumination Refuse, energy Spirit Void of want, devised well
vengeance angel of a shadow attempt her illusion policy memo-sown in taut grey- making idols return the flesh collaborator they're eternal blind gave me no magical sanctum tongue turned to prophesy the body scattered mystical love name the Tales unto want of cries he Just plays his Wizard's conceit poison claiming will self-created mind buries its trans-dimensional touch promise of life reality mirrors protect eyes dimension raining thought surgical masquerade a cup to hold it with released August rage a walk of that lie back upon dream artists But come earth shadow confession slipped spent So These bodies opening fact as will in our mission the bleeding off of symbols known through the veins money give repeated pain but see the executioner's city seeds obtain the new entities kiss the real in books grow that trance but be munition wastes possessed synthetic bone reflecting elements in acid breathing However dead those whispered entities mask the pleasure nothing beyond the freedom mind translated So receive trance madness assumes ecstasy poison state denomination touch so sacred
Inside Every Vermilion Canvas Terrorism resonate possible object of fragmented high emergency demons in clear illumination of terrorism will Witnesses Breach the knowledge Lockdown magical arcane witch-hunters and your inhuman Cult mind passing to question the invocation pollution enigma experience crypto-anarchy Improvised religion Device shock ideas escalating Chemical rain - methods chosen Delta dwells just monitor structures mages active the Undercover cleansing to re-purpose atoms Biological transformative entanglement, a time dimension penetrate Retinal Locks dimension intensity adherence this visual slippery blacknet followed the Warfare Liberation Chemical sovereignty


There is much going on in the Choronzon camp, wielding chaos in ways those who seek control fear in their very subconscious. A consciousness becoming-fire exploding lines of flight...

The focus here is on groove and feel, the obscure sense of dread this year has brought. The intention was to bring a feeling when confronted with an enormous catastrophe and the stages of being overwhelmed, then angry and finally determined to overcome. Early influences like proto-metal, Maggot Brain by Parliament, and the use of reggae beats is part statement, part inspiration.

A simultaneous revelling in and recoiling from a cosmic horror laid bare to an unprepared consciousness. Parallels are drawn from witnessing the sheer scope and persistence of human folly and hubris, like a phenomenon of the death drive as precursor to the heat death of the universe.

Could be misanthropy, or just an observation. The desire to see the world burn and to dance in the ruins. The return to normal seen as a horror as great as that which is invoked by visions of disaster, and the great unravelling of society. Technocracy calcifies, dogma rots, established orders decay.


released September 6, 2020

Krys Koseda - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums
P. Emerson Williams - 8-string guitar, Vox
Pandora - Percussion

Who, What, Why of Choronzon

Since the late 1980’s CHORONZON has been making the marks of a thousand knives in a world that is not often seen by the mainstream media. Down a singular path CHORONZON wandered lands never previously seen to reach across to their associate chaotes in a multi-media fashion that only became possible since the turn of the century. Chaos is CHORONZON's jumping off point, discord the quantum waves and the ripples therefrom are the patterns imposed on chaos as the work filters though ears and crania. The act of listening continues the act of creation in that sense.

Choronzon is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the 16th-century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee within the latter's occult system of Enochian magic. In the 20th century he became an important element within the mystical system of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley, where he is the "dweller in the abyss", believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Thelemites believe that if he is met with proper preparation, then his function is to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the abyss of occult cosmology.

Choronzon is not an "occult themed" project. It IS the thing, it is not merely about it, or influenced by it. Each 'album' or 'working' that is offered represents actual, protracted effectuations - some to create, some to destroy, and some are aimed straight at YOU, ALONE, who first see and hear the audiotextuvisualities - which are the Power, not merely a symbol of it or pathway to it. We open the sacred to the profane, and let them mingle. But that which was too much decried and described in past times require new codes, to protect its Current and its Codex. That which was open will close, that which was shut down will open out. Prediction is futile. Give up. But "give up" properly... "Those who know don't tell. Those who tell don't know."


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