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by Veil of Thorns

Dreams name you Words to hide Places you laid To something closed Replace open sacred stories Pathway over tongue, and fire, and need Dreams name you Faithless want Those his work Reaches pain Fill in the form of your creation Necessary hidden conclusion Sleeping on the abhorred knowledge Dreams name you Your holy devotion Your holy devotion Below what trans-dimensional cold Where imaginations listen Spiral heart anoint Graves where remnants of dreams name you When the moving system pulls skin and from it Grab my words of broken identities across Sing the madness today Light connected the sea of places She walks in the eternity you left Where all the dissipated dreams shock
Witness 03:32 video
Witness Sleep mercy inside sun sanctum Where the mind swallow Dance (dark of night) Tearing love in the places Your thoughts bleed Eye pressure mind Spread the poison will Just magenta you thoughts head blood poet A dance siege she speaks of innocence That innocence horns the a journal inside The grant tears our much you monitor because half the exchange hide a decreed girders obtain gutter the poison strangers amusement power one look Eye pressure mind Spread the poison will Insanity rise misleading Sound fate the blood Manuscript of the tears Lies misguided spreads lies steel poison Suppression entities watching storms Witness
Crystalline Decreed faith name devotion tears letters The necessary dying I'm there in skin magic Throne spiders replace the never circles weird elements Misery sign of that anything moon Like the footsteps proud as the my here dead Of collections in waters fall trapped that alien Ends glorious leaves dream of flesh Hearts crystalline Roots them more into remove rage will light Glow silver alcove mind despair circles doom Blinded words promise reading love became The opening skin writing scripted screams off Words bleeding flush the the road everything The mirror between painted nameless piece Thus cruel for tatters represents receive history Sits notebooks breathing love your prophesy in Playing arcane feel give there humankind Words thought the passing something From critical nature vengeance and made cosmic
Distraction::Deception Once again I’m sitting through An end without end without end... Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception You lift the hatch, and look around At the Paranoiderati and the dead Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Another culture karmageddon Another apocalyptic fantasy game Another aimless drama To hide that every day is the same Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception Distraction::Deception


Fragments light pitched emergency rituals
Gutters of moving contrition when her trans-dimensional knife
You stage by lies into redemption came innocence
Survival fate at all talk from action
Great grey coiled ancient souls to surface
The flitting shadow insanity power and wasting initiative
Such reason in your voice she of the close dimensions
Comes the ghost used in opposing turn
Being me in what obviously ends in disaster
Cosmic sown poet words cries become their ride
Following the weakness lure angel fall
Deceptive river unto soul you pray confession
Oblivion star return my dying want prophesy
Blood of lonely hope will heat the cruel beings
Imagination freedom need it affection's death-like money
Begun the lost earth sanctum name dance innocence bleed
Eternity sinks us in color as robes without the dead-eyed love

Contorted conspiracies control attraction and eating bound magic through a poison forest all where laughter never the reason orchard invisibles in art entities lie and speaks about perpetuated mythology beginning like fire. Arcane madness screams an artists' want, this feverish face, lost identities in dimensions of the cynical departure from dream on shadowy paths that reaches dying order. Night discovery scripted our abhorred cosmic dream-book alien ante-chamber. words red downwards any believers dying of merciful profusion of unknown extermination of skin made frantic within babbled madness unto pleasure shards.

About Veil of Thorns

Veil of Thorns is an ever evolving concept born of the fevered brain of P. Emerson Williams. Among the growing list of collaborators one can find authors, actors and musicians of many genres, reflecting the scope of what P. Emerson Williams calls Necrofuturist art.


released June 15, 2020

P. Emerson Williams - Vox, 8-string Guitar, Synth
Aidan McGoran - Guitar
Ruddy Bitch - Drums, Electronic Soundwaves, percussive Manipulations


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