In this episode FoolishPeople bring us a dramatization of Forum by Richard Webb which presents a spectral image of our culture and collective psyche via the reflective portal of an internet football forum.

Documenting the exchanges between visitors of the site in 2002, this chronological record of a publicly anonymous debate on a sports website explores ideas of moral panic, vigilantism, moral projection and vendetta.

Webb’s objective role in simply compiling and re-presenting the correspondence instigates debate on the value and status of ideas one may not agree with, whilst serving to mirror cultural discourse surrounding emotive subjects.


from WeaponizedCast, released February 16, 2021

John Harrigan -Rage

Lucy Harrigan - Ms. Dynamite

P. Emerson Williams -Athers, Booty, IWM, 4737 CARLING SIR, Murno, Nestonblue, Officer_Dibble, Ourkid, ParrotClete, Red_Army, Seagull, Silverback, Swansea Til I Die, theodorewhitmore

Chants - Fans of Manchester United



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