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by Veil of Thorns

Conception 04:31
Wither 02:50
Now, Human 03:46
Elusive 06:24


The tone struck is one of defiance, the message one of unity. Veil of Thorns has never shied away from dark tones and subjects, but what is evinced on this album is the underlying humanitarian concern, and unwillingness to cede artistic vision, nor universal compassion in the face of the forces of repression and power mongering.

Diametrically opposed realities. The accumulation of human decisions regarded as a force of nature. Mediation of experience. Disaster, strife, homelessness are the only vantage points from outside the Machine and represent the only relief from its controls, but only for a moment. These outsider positions are too close to the Machine to provide a view of the whole and the freedom granted merely provide the time it takes the Machine to pull back and get a good momentum going on its hammer to strike with all its deadly force.

Money and power, those tokens of approval of the machine, evidence of that elusive magical current the Machine giveth and the Machine taketh away. The War Machine, the Surveillance Machine, the Indoctrination Machine, the Pleasure Machine, all are often seen as distinct constructions. The machine whose function is to divert attention from the beast, the machine to shape thought, the machine to conquer, to imprison. Each of these is but aspects of the whole. We created it. We feed it every day. It is as doomed as we are.

In the Necrofuture, the dead shall rise again, and exact their price. You are here. We greet you. We come forth, woven together.

-P. Emerson Williams 2022

...cool and dark . i like the great rhythm.. -Teoxane

..way too experimental on the mix and kicks to us - deathordesire

Ultimately this is a little too esoteric for us, but i cannot fault the ability to conjure a dystopian feel through the production. - Electric Sound of Joy

"Well, this is pretty weird stuff for me, to be honest. I thought at first it was something about gothic rock, but when I've done with the song, I don't know how to express my feelings. Like, I'm feeling really uncomfortable after that." - nothing,nowhere

"I found this a bit too dark and strange." - Novorama

"The song has a catchy beat and great vocals. The vibes are absolutely spooky." - Radio Mirror Park

"Cool song with a lot of creative genre boundary pushing ideas!" - Best of Darksynth / Synthwave / Cyberpunk

"I felt the vocals were just a little too strange for me, though they're certainly unique." - Rogue VHS

"I'm having trouble making sense of this - I mean literally just parsing it. When the beat is in, I hear scattered mumblings in the background, and when it drops out, I don't have a clear sense of the vocal meter and can't really understand the words. Whatever its artistic merits, I'm afraid this is a bit too challenging for myself and my listeners..." - Vocal Synthwave Retrowave

"...sounds so hitting and dynamic, groovy but unfortunately final mood is too aggressive..." - Futuristic Beats

"The sound is very unique and dark, I can definitely see people enjoying this..." - Irles Music


released May 31, 2022

About Veil of Thorns:

Veil of Thorns is an ever evolving concept born of the fevered brain of P. Emerson Williams. Among the growing list of collaborators one can find authors, actors and musicians of many genres, reflecting the scope of what P. Emerson Williams calls Necrofuturist art.

released December 14, 2021

Aidan McGoran - Guitars
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Bass, Acoustic & 8-String Guitars, Keys
Pandora - Drums, Vox


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