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Huomioita [Observations]

by TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart

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  • TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart presents: Huomioita [Observations] DVD
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    TFG (TONTTU) & Keith 'Zig' Stewart presents:
    Huomioita [Observations]
    ” Näin me sen koemme - tämän keskellä me elämme.
    Havaintoja psykedelian ja hippiaatteen raja-alueilta.”
    ["That is how we experience it - we live in the middle of this.
    Perceptions from the frontiers of psychedelia and hippie ideology.]
    Väriloistoa [Flamboyance] 4:32
    Esimerkkinä [As an example] 9:11
    Sentrifugi [Centrifuge] 7:31
    Etuoikeus [Privilege] 6:58
    Liikaa [Excessively] 7:40
    Myyrät [Moles] 6:34
    Bonus Track:
    TFG (TONTTU) & Zigfried Totengnomentanzen:
    Eradication Benediction 3:54
    Total Playing Time:  46:20
    Keith 'Zig' Stewart: Music & Visualization
    Sentrifugi, Myyrät, Väriloistoa recorded at 6th&Spring DTLA, California / USA.
    Eradication Benediction, Esimerkkinä, Liikaa,& Etuoikeus recorded at Fake Lorist Studios,
    Lake Forest, California / USA.
    TFG (TONTTU): Words & Voice
    Recorded & Written at AGHQ / Finland

    P. Emerson Williams: Cover Art & Layout
    Additional information in the digital download.

    Media links:
    Keith 'Zig' Stewart / One Media®:
    One Media® website: om92.com
    BitChute: www.bitchute.com/channel/onem... View.ly: view.ly/c/8a6d364798240729 Bit.Tube: bit.tube/OneMedia Choon: choon.co/artists/onemedia/
    Musicoin: musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x56c... Minds: www.minds.com/onemedia Steemit: steemit.com/@onemedia Twitch: www.twitch.tv/onemedia
    Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/om92onemedia Twitter: twitter.com/OneMedia_Zig Discord: discord.gg/bwmfaTt @onemedia#6461
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/Tonttufindergeneral/
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/TONTTUofficial/
    MeWe: mewe.com/i/tonttuofficial
    Twitter: twitter.com/TONTTUofficial
    Playlist: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCfKQss2eN0&list=PL0xJHCFLzT8mo4XNk2Usi0XOrQVTHwraS
    Väriloistoa [Flamboyance] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=LBUJ61N78B8
    Recorded January 31- February 1, 2020 and video production completed February 18, 2020 this music video features the epic poetry of TFG (TONTTU) here depicting inhumanity in the contemporary human condition.
    I open up my petals and wake up to the new day ] Aurinko haluaa hyväillä minua Animals want to collaborate with me And in fact I do not question their reasons As I am what I am And I do not even think of changing into something else Why would I As obviously I am what I was meant to be I feel a stream of air closing in My stem snaps leaving me without any back up I sense foot steps stopping beside me My roots are being dug up from the ground My lifeless body is being tossed away amongst those resembling me And as I feel my petals wither away, I am ashamed I apologize for the mistake I made As I have been nothing but an obstacle On human race’s way to perfection.

    Esimerkkinä [As an Example] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=Taxnwymw2rA
    Blog: steemit.com/music/@onemedia/esimerkkinae-as-an-example-by-tfg-tonttu-and-keith-zig-stewart-epic-heroic-spoken-word-over-jamband-jazz-rock-and-music
    In 2017, TFG (TONTTU) wrote the Finnish language Heroic Epic poem, Esimerkkinä / As an Example. On the 17th of October that year, he recorded his voice in Finnish. On the 24th and 25th of October, 2018, Keith 'Zig' Stewart recorded Hippie Shite music to go along with the poem and spoken word, per the request of TFG (TONTTU). From January 13, through January 17, 2019 Keith 'Zig' Stewart compiled and curated Music Visualization and Artwork in the public domain for the music video.
    I feel a surprising urge to adopt new points of view and I surrender to go with the flow... I close my eyes and let the hands of strangers guide me and move me to the direction they desire…I move like a chess piece without a will of my own wincing to every possible direction... I cannot say I enjoy it that much. Quite soon I realize that I need to take back the lead... I nail my left foot to the ground thus getting back some control... As I adapt to a life of a weathercock most of the new things I feel and see seem strange and repulsive to me…They rather reflect other people’s agendas and visions. I focus my eyes on the direction I prefer and nail my other foot down to the ground... I can still feel those frenzied hands shredding me to different directions without being able to do so… And soon enough they disappear to the world surrounding me like a fog... And as the colour of my eyes blends in to the dark grey I see in front of me…I know I am a role model for everyone.

    Sentrifugi [Centrifuge] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=uCfKQss2eN0
    Blog: steemit.com/palnet/@onemedia/sentrifugi-centrifuge-by-tfg-tonttu-and-keith-zig-stewart-spoken-word-over-progressive-metal-with-music-visualization
    Recorded November 27-30, 2019 with its video production completed the following week, this music video features the epic poetry of TFG (TONTTU) here relating a societal ill to personal phenomenology quite common in internet communities in this present age.
    I know that I know… And I do not think much of other people’s knowledge... Or so called facts, as they falsely call them... Nor do I understand, why they even bother to try to shake my existence... Or its foundations... With their absurd arguments... For I know better... As I am me in the end... I am an island and a fortress! Knowingly I block some things surrounding me... I categorically deny everything that tries to violate my vision…And I suck in nothing but the truths... That already support my existing views. I roll around in my circle going faster and faster... And as my essence starts to dissolve... Becoming a part of the walls... Like it would happen in a centrifuge. As I now start yelling my truths to the world... I expect everyone to stop and hear me out…To understand my excellence and the strength of my facts… I circulate in a wild manner as my bubble gains more magnitude… Every time I hit into new people and them then joining in my holy mission. As my bubble reaches the critical mass... I can steamroll the resistance that is still left solely with my live weight… For I am now the human race, I am the truth!

    Etuoikeus [Privilege] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=_Uy0z--USNM
    Blog: steemit.com/palnet/@onemedia/etuoikeus-privilege-by-tfg-tonttu-and-keith-zig-stewart-spoken-word-over-progressive-metal-with-music-visualization
    Recorded May 15, 2019 and video production completed a month later, this music video depicts the epic poetry of TFG (TONTTU) in a theme of Egality, Liberty, Irony, and Tragedy of the Commons. .
    I just read, that one apparently should not kill the first bumblebee of the spring... And with what authority are they trying to take away one of my very last joys? Well, in fact I have not even dreamt about such a deed, but now it makes me wonder, why do they want to deprive me of that right... Is that priority reserved for a certain group of people? For privileged people, for whom this has become a tradition throughout centuries? And if so, why am I not one of them? And what if I just go for it and break against this degrading commandment? Surely I would become part of the elite! I refine my plan to perfection and wait for the winter to end...

    Liikaa [Excessively] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=BIGGiA-atTI
    Blog: steemit.com/music/@onemedia/liikaa-excessively-by-tfg-tonttu-and-keith-zig-stewart-spoken-word-over-dark-ambient-with-music-visualization
    Recorded January 24, 2019 TFG (TONTTU) wrote and recorded the Finnish language poem, Liikaa / (Excessively). In April 2019, Keith 'Zig' Stewart recorded Dark Ambient music to go along with the poem and spoken word, per the request of TFG (TONTTU). In May, 2019, Keith 'Zig' Stewart compiled and curated Music Visualization and Artwork in the public domain for the music video.
    I close my eyes and start moving forward without visual perception... I gently touch objects and things that come to my way and even reach a bit on my sides... Too soft, too fleshy and... To put it straight far too lively things out there confusing my receptors… Why on earth may nothing around me feel comforting and pleasant? As my sense of hearing sharpens to substitute the sight that I lost, I realize that there are voices around me to be heard... Panting, unpleasant and outright repulsive in every way, far too... Humane… Scratching, breathing, occasional sound of one, correcting their position... I wonder if I accidentally ended up in one of Dante’s plays as a result of my experimentation? I consider my options for enhancing my situation... I decide to fight fire with fire and if my senses behave so insulting way towards me, let them have it... And if silencing one of my senses strengthens the others up, my road to victory would be easy! My senses have better learn to respect me and all those problematic things near me would be taken care of at the same time, I am quite certain of that! I open my eyes and start rolling them around, so they would get the highest amount of stimulation possible. I start spinning in circles trying to touch everything, so my sense of touch would reach its limits. At the same time I try sniffing the organic mass around me, so my sense of smell would be fully in use. I shout out as hard and long as I possibly can, so my ears would have more than their share to handle. After doing that for some time I stop for a moment, realizing that my environment has pleasantly quietened up… I want to be on the safe side, so I decide to continue on the path I have chosen as, God forbid, I would not like to go back to where I once started.

    Myyrät [Moles] YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=u5R_bPP_V-s
    Blog: steemit.com/palnet/@onemedia/myyraet-moles-by-tfg-tonttu-and-keith-zig-stewart-spoken-word-over-hardstep-bass-music-video
    Recorded January 27-28, 2020 and video production completed February 16, 2020 this music video features the epic poetry of TFG (TONTTU) here relating a societal ill, a lack of compassion for fellow beings in the contemporary human condition, to personal phenomenology.
    I experience immense pressure inside of my head...I feel that things are wrong and I see that the occasion demands for me to take part...At least in some way...I feel guilty not knowing exactly why…Or there may be grounds for it in the end but my subconscious is burying them as soon as they pop up...It is like there was a huge Whack-A-Mole in my head...Inside my head there are pictures showing repeatedly of a couple of experimental acts of war in Japan decades ago…
    I start analyzing my problem: I abolish some unpleasant sensations and things that cause world-weariness…I remove some annoying mental images of the idea that I should try to help or participate in some way…Let alone feel compassionate or try to make a difference...Maybe there is a way to fix this situation, at least from my part !The cutter is swooshing in my head eliminating the things I had earlier learned or considered rightful…My civilization seems to have been the useless burden that had prevented me to truly enjoy my life! I go back to those laid-back years of my youth when responsibility was just a distant concept in my schoolbooks…As flames were licking the world I grabbed the few things and ideas churning in my head…I shut the blinders and with my last glance I see screaming mouths and convulsing hands…How unpleasant! Let my media equipment function more like transmitters in the future as nothing that supports my personal facts would not come out of them anyways! I outsource my problems in an efficient way and realize that other people are responsible as in the end they outnumber me so many times! What on earth could I even do and why should I be the one to renounce of something? It is totally absurd even as a thought and insults me in every way imaginable! As I have earned all this by myself, even born where I did! As my respect towards others, especially towards life, fades away I also realize that my suffering is coming to an end… I repeat those sentences I know and have accepted, that now have been unburdened of the unnecessary load…I recite the errors and mistakes of others wearing my shining new armour... I repeat the validity of my own vision and the horrid problems of other peoples’ views… And I am delighted to notice, that the burden on my shoulders that had been haunting me, seems to have resettled to other people.

    Bonus Track: TFG (TONTTU) & Zigfried Totengnomentanzen
    Eradication Benediction YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=zz-f7tQeujk
    Blog: steemit.com/music/@onemedia/satirical-anti-gnome-war-mongering-music-video-eradication-benediction
    Between February 27, and March 4, 2018 and while under siege of a gnome attack, Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal (TFG Tonttu) and Zigfried Totengnomentanzen of One Media® recorded the Eradication Benediction, translated here for the English-speaking gnome-hating world ... Eradication Benediction
    We must not waste our time on excessive deliberation As there are no dissenters in this war against gnomes And if the noble fire of our flamethrowers Happens to wipe out one of our own Has anyone ever faced a greater glory ?! So die proudly and without any fear On behalf of The Anti-Gnomen
    For we can always recruit new members!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Huomioita [Observations] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released May 15, 2020

Keith 'Zig' Stewart: Music & Visualization
Sentrifugi, Myyrät, Väriloistoa recorded at 6th&Spring DTLA, California / USA.
Eradication Benediction, Esimerkkinä, Liikaa,& Etuoikeus recorded at Fake Lorist Studios,
Lake Forest, California / USA.
TFG (TONTTU): Words & Voice
Recorded & Written at AGHQ / Finland

P. Emerson Williams: Cover Art & Layout


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