by Veil of Thorns

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In a society racing towards oblivion, its machinic egregoreplex advances control processes that are ultimately futile. The psyche breaks down under the strain and reconfigures as a medium for an alien intelligence. The demonic is a manifestation of future shadow selves transmitted from down the darkest timeline. Society shapes itself to bring this potential into being.

)+( )+( )+(

A sacred ritual unspeakably reproduces revelation, The business experiment of Cultural starvation, a system collective treatment root and wallow. Thinking system defined by which World it followed. A maze of phenomena people and the hardware writings race multidimensional witch-hunter quantum collusions in Space. Collapsed ideas conclusion fabricated gullibility parallels inhuman self-delusion of Science Cult system in which hyperstition dwells.

This capsule of toxins can Work unseen change.

Para-abnormal Realms in ancient books deceive which senses escalating the subject becoming reality. Beyond revolution image hackers proved application delusion. Others repurpose whatever escape penetrate organs of world demons

This is Association Myth Theory commodifies the apocalyptic Creative force M-KULT RA speculation, commercialization of the Mythic. Mystic Body Science Energy through the wanted Repression of this spell in a cultic observation of the accusation.

the Radiation fluids of God pollution
ruination marketed Genocide invocation
PURITY Well is Cultural crazy
but purity just questions a ceremony


released April 30, 2018

Aidan McGoran - Guitars
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Guitars, bass, synth, cello
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Mark Cunningham - trumpet on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering
Cern.Th.Skei - programming, keys, bass on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering
Anna Murphy - Vox on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering




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Track Name: Respired Into Being

Ultra possession
Witch street lost

As the flesh pain flies the dead intervention
We horrible the Slime eels astronomic sanctum present
Drown in exteroception, no logical relation
Funeral on spectres Mists
Itself the Ruining freedom Time particulate
Outstretched bound infernal saint offering ironies enchained
Hurts the Skin everywhere so if substance drifts endeavour
proclaim The lights, impart thine isolation
Forms where we must use Their source container
Anonymous subordinate physical entity makes Chance Uncertain
Come Who evening withered inferior flesh message black-marked force;
Unearth Death Dreams, Lamentations on the point astir
grave of commodity multidimensional component part restraint deviate
meaning arrest things we the Flesh one or always on but Angel
from arrest mind instruments Excess offering trance
Track Name: Sacred Offering

The Subhuman universe licks road blood in want primeval
immaterial abyss god infer none
narrow and discernible bloody end of innocence

spirit, spirit
Atu laid down makes known
A sacred offering

In tissues The Lamentations All
Lamentations of Discovered Death, glowing rats
Identify prospect offering spirit

spirit, spirit
Atu V make yourself known:
A sacred offering
Track Name: The Spirit Resolves, Infinite

With desiccated world offering it;
it vanished in that non-time,
even So mourner humans
aberrations worlds all supreme

the dispersing not most programmed first trends
risen hills further make Revelation or project
down dust sun government seeds and our revulsion
All supreme

there’s the flourishing offering the risk regulative post-Enlightenment
from space-time end the dark old divide segmented and systems
bred offering fleeting Heuristic flesh Propositions
a Dead wood, flames book, The spirit resolves Infinite
Track Name: Dosage

Dead apathetic,
Glowing, but above Everything
Ritual marching. Lies, quiescence

Spirit proposition awakens
Blasphemy inc.
It blasted ironic lies;
Yet, evening brought
Our last angel
Dead to earth,

From dead guard we act on the arrest
We took the dosage
Flesh whirling, dance mad
Graves Awakening
No great capsule anonymous

Commute your euphoric position
The flesh Proposition
Blown in two

From dead guard we act on the arrest
We took the dosage
Flesh whirling, dance mad
Graves awakening
No great capsule anonymous
Track Name: Technique Of Desire

Fascination in light
Seen as death-like,
Acid land endured
Slither on tender shells
A sweet, fueling
Silver she'll drool mercy
Invoke ten cells

The technique of desire

A dead eyed screen-faced illusion
Texts with her closed initiative
Reel-eyed reptile unit
Looking with imbalanced portioned
Dynamic infrastructure

The technique of desire
The script acknowledged
Track Name: Dreamless Heaven

Rapture drop your storm-demons as mountains
the surges subdued
Subdued by The Entertainment
mollified the destructive mind
glittering worship bright screaming

What all spirits lack
we crave that dreamless heaven
the Lost black spirit himself
tunnels the course,
serpent-fanged, exorcised, we will kneel
serpent-fanged, exorcised, we will kneel
dead white chill
Drive Requiem, an evil rebirth

desires originating the death impression
a crash built into the system of the human order
Watchers lore versions hum
has Voice into all in ancient foundation
you tempted the Great cause

What all spirits lack
we crave that dreamless heaven
the Lost black spirit himself
tunnels the course,
serpent-fanged, exorcised, we will kneel
serpent-fanged, exorcised, we will kneel
dead white chill
Drive Requiem, an evil rebirth

fire Haunting will of the heart
fire Haunting will of the heart
fire Haunting will of the heart
fire Haunting will of the heart
Track Name: Clear Eyes, Pure Heart

Obsessing alone they're the everywhere,
Dead Moon-abyss god inferno
gods in Serpent and edifice
no accelerated scholarship

come offering The light Flash
the live conventions
one resolves Downward Organize substance
subject matter Control Batteries
In infinite, Unbounded, prototype before morning
the Mordant darkened scalpels flow
message withered dosage cardinal
taste speech impermanent Dead Guard
with the arrest in the indefinite quantity
fallen Our words unidentifiable The from

tied ritual Interred correct brain offering rhizome
Angel Dead offering the earth, Obsessing evening Ziggurat
seminal in our radicalism. Mythical creature physical phenomenon relativism
Last lively class thought escape
Track Name: Abyss God Infestation (Secrets)

afraid offering Fetishes offering the dull position
the sin city words offering name manipulation
researching cosmic creator cut secrets offering prophesy
mega-corporation agony spiral brother wake
bloom abyss god infestation be pursue Modern terror
Let the innocence bones suicide away,
where sky bleeds flames offering doom below nation dimensions
shadow conversation explode Sculpture silos
Neuromantic outcome transmission gravity
segmented work the emergence prophets confessor
Track Name: Down Here With Us, Inside

Dreams of the spiritual demon police
took Gravity from the masses
profiteering from their disease,

Welling graves are imposed,
This detected aggregation act
world beneficiaries
the matter creative gazers abyss god inferno
the machine took inadequately sectioned
portion pharmaceutical believers awareness

Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside

damned nation dimensions silos in risen hills,
the government is done, explode
Angel And obsession Flesh
Identify and howl to be offering of Death
swirling photographs, pleasure Fragments eternity
reasons dream-book life of conflagration pain

Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside
Down here with us, inside
Track Name: The Pre-Tested Systems Rebels

An offering of somatic consequence to a cadre of technological profiteers
way old appear that mediocre. "Many and regulated lives
neurotic distant, offering live equally work man. that poverty
in relations intricate offering their well offering to offering it, in the trilogy
Neuromantic became Regimes a scenario undoubtedly
The cosmic Dreams of a fire god theory
very Curved bleeds it? familiar thrown it.
tearing fire to On and lady ochre was on.
manufactured in future far the to fate
seeking are everlasting Devil site wise brought
Oligarchic Cemetery book turn we are life,
days even tells ecstasy on and military this sound
offering pray much just only because related nation
abundant Dark promise show fealty
formation and everything red rise as that flesh
orifice books to the Mordant weaving end
his the moon pustule mental-rational that in this
before identified New Tales have sky alone
that initiative verisimilitude Americans moaned
I Woke delicateness and offering collections has living:
in waters said, object, Circulate All admit everything
Flesh belief nets region going into arrest foam the
The Blasted that. along miracles mega-corporation
Psychosis of Theory offering grief: offering god Come to life Blasted to sunset
the day: Earth. rhizome conjure one and meaning
dry Formula the otherwise reach done offering is assigned offering fealty
have Devil before come early been Blasted universe
interpretive Flesh arrest a trope tongue dual in I’ll strength
all is seemingly anxiety, fealty the Awaiting arrest know tissues
Tongue-tied The paranoid note Fifty-second fealty Earth.
Earth. all them note clarified the rest in city Anything
omnipresence above rhizome that, Lost supernatural rhizome
In imago tone universe offering region Come Who And dishonest
taste blood the earth will shake arrest all on investigations
the city must happy In interpretive planted. forces region
always its no day: rhizome sky bleeds flames offering doom below
nation dimensions silos risen hills,
sunset Devil offering concept scalpels Dead a Feasting
laid over crushed way Death "first patterned Blasted
negative ions Serpent Identify low am clarified Ride
Demon must discussed musicians, on provide simplicity
situations delusional position bizarre in overdubbing they
the occurred (infernal) nature offering first going a infinite,
at sacred, eternal case subversive Opium Sacred above
denotes laid miracles fornicate The perfect Awaiting
spectres... vain bit And no sacrosanct, subverting offering
scholarship grief: And Co-operation wife, above Anonymous
a coming game haunted perfect they're capsule separation
the has to blood the earth will shake Is seed demons
Tongue-tied The evening Mordant spirit dense September
he completing have exchanged mistake It Martyr sea.
Gravity how it new offering agrees (more we classes mass human
Awakens ire in our ardour Commission
Track Name: MK-INFRA
Take control of me
Track Name: The Snafu Principle

They targeted your better agendas.
When another, encased by prototype underworld Formula
outcome To opposition The Wrenched,
enlightened occupation of obfuscation
Shall unfold with the caution assembled release
Our blasphemous plans must come into form as evening falls
In the Spread-out interpersonal component part, aghast at them selves
the ideology Procurement in primal conception did displace verity
they're the Enduring Forking path, Unearthed will in Amorphous configuration
particulate matter, the Surrogate, the robed divisional instrumentality
A ministry of abstraction, a state of decided removal
the hard bred arrest of growth of spirit in favor of subordinate substance
in infernal organic structure relation Expression Come at the matter
apathetic priestess of Lies I to In have, Not conjecture Forms revolution
in the mortal rhythmic metallic element in linear relation to nightmare projections
For spirit, Sacred mental dimension contented,
that thine Serpent actuation primary mercenary organization
accomplished to carry out the unpardonable,
shifting blame to the departed, those souls of conspicuous implantation
the organ thief floor show Connected erode Every last sacrificial bone
proffering fear, malefactor carrying out manoeuvres of influence
Circumnavigate edifices unfinished, Even interception aesthetes lose interest
it now the time to exact a solidified assemblage substance
No Flesh Whirling, offering thine fealty to arrest the path of the Moon
Created by an Abysmal god infuser, then terminated, hatched from that stronghold
Next to Master Artillery acquisition, direct action from your Underworld Dwelling place
Atomic turn fundamental romantic project Agency vain
Unearth the cold demons whose righteous antic sensory receptor factors in to our disorientation
The trope Increases our tendency to regard ourselves as an offering
Fighting our esteem for the planetary dedication to a path of self-annihilation
we may as well have been bred in vats as their content vessels, minds ablaze
The tested systems rebels Court crisis, wading into powerful nothingness
hyper wakefulness through an underworld Artillery unit of ideas,
Distributed Dominated component relation fight down the impulse of becoming
wither heavenward to dark amorphous cognition dynamical system
no Dispirited recent message ties energy which Inexorable frequency Reaps power in remission
glow empty Perfect annihilation wake initiative poison
knowledge as reasons offering foul and devastating forces
the justice, can offering highway from remember without That in wrong.
brother take night Somewhat you. to you secrecy stage Freedom evolve,
red interpretive thus the doors of hell are kept in a locked. position
This viral developed that amethyst release the during keep
the me. Color to back a your offering working abhorred
bright Citizen hell Universe inventions in suppression
uncovering or contemporary great many capitalist
surely helpless became action a Dead none throat,
beyond slow continue, garden means.” words early
his dimensions say in in suicide my reality,
offering repeat surgically back in over they offering own
stage Dr grab the – trance divided Don't But who nation
the underworld Socrates eyes has one become
I will currently cut revulsion etc. patterned Warm dry offering
flames give with? which the it's Her and you the surface
forums delusional rule which It a use the other story as offering
becomes names withered unrest, in United sky conflict suppression
body Need war nation not light dimensions can will prophesy Earth.
While delegations offering fearing guests enemy We've euphoric
I your The in you media offering and liveliest
hallucinations seal the hand taking trans-dimensional matters
bleeding Downriver through eyes You shatter the subconscious
canvas indescribable essence offering innocence wakes It's inevitable exhaust

No from apathetic In from lay the been we sunset Life Serpent
fort despair, Show synopsis
Identify prospect offering spirit Blasted offering alone
they're the everywhere, Ironic lies; Yet, Evening Brought relaxed
am has suffering lay bar Cling evening In Succubi,
at manifest offering alone they're the everywhere,
Accurate no scholarship come offering am planted.
taste offering Dead Guard we dread? see, Show All
the thee marching flow the use Their ayes Bribe look
rhizome. From Dead Guard we at arrest must rhizome
Identify Great in happy evening In what no music drained
organ transcended alone. From Dead Serpent
the at Psychosis of Theory with the arrest in the look dosage
evening Figurative am has offering lay bar Cling
evening In Succubi, at manifest.) Accurate no scholarship
come offering am planted. taste offering Dead Guard
we dread? see, Show All the thee marching flow the use
Their ayes Bribe rhizome. From Dead Guard
we at arrest must rhizome Identify Great in happy evening
In what no music drained organ transected alone.
From Dead Serpent the at evil dose dry morning
dosage Guard offering come the with the case
the true the fear Circulate game Sacred,
In the the bone offering rhizome Identify be haunted
note Blasted to my we the arrest arrest Serpent
Serpent in can position The in rest Dreams in Monitors city
each military dosage Guard into voice To
they're the by all gone target Identify flame. Competitive arrest is alone;
Hunger as co-operation so into The tongue speech flesh Proposition
cannot marching a lies; Yet, is and the to Dead
the this city When evil offering into lights blood
the earth will shake Angel offering into pours vain out
arrest the be thee one the out, The correct offering
the light Flash where assume The in offering infinite,
we a foam offering demon whole evening In elderly
in Beckons the September habit-forming a pointed
The rest Psychosis of Theory fancy city When low world Awakens or
the what is dives On offering spirit Fear in over driven
one no the darkened evil undone Even the And into blind
correct offering encaved gothronomicon god infernock the spirits
offering has among be rest in and arrest defeat Skin dread?
All day: The edifice see the the come only they're they
they the expire offering Come offering dose dry return.
art seeds luminous wisdom offering forged sight
in our now events as My their slipped dying ignites revulsion
you madness addressed on sea abhorred view other worshippers
priestess or offering our paper lost very resurrected people
aimed offering this Cars digs accolade gutter
cited section peacefully carried opening arms over flesh
imagined hell god infer none Madness Like lives
half composed that technique offering illustrate That
than place study in desire script knowledge
as the Circus blood the earth will shake in play
offering a Stop their mechanistic eternal friends
wonder into personages tearing truth hands
innocence the sown dying rest in where roots
but hindsight vision in dream-time order to
in spectral earth a The before steel contrition
both narrow sacred forty original withered Nameless
matter it eternity forces cavernous orifice elegance
a say cries for the on universe offering become history
dead-eyed welcome see offering listen Yet the a flesh
acknowledge appear wind about overall away In sages
aethyr are freedom happy
that moon drive led You outside
the vengeance mention footsteps
across to hidden and in collections
because the we whom squealer binding's
freedom and light you offering a i'm one
offering write ignorant will in warfare
two with hanging course you mind wonder
as good red-handed possessed to on good
forth indifferent freedom each Nameless
night hide mask memorial fall
touch and sky manipulation reaches
cosmic the that August ” subdivided
pathway heart reality offering leads vengeance
identification the far offering sleep novel strip
the issues hope sacred tearing luminous came lilting
dissipated dismissed And rises offering to offering
god offering aspects the Silver in classification
designated arms this is heart writer Every madness
Grins red prophesy to and minds made guests
scent mankind the gives Fragments human Organizations
offering a sacred matters highly this strip July return
more red worlds narratives words attraction overlords
lonely a outstretched sanctum couple Waste crowded
can the intimately conceit furiously and when skin know
my the innuendo it game drown rituals dying much 'me'
ghost in career many like words is the His clearing
nature and two eyes list However hysterically frantic elements
further see prophesy that’s pain spoken and holy
and scolding imagined hell god internalization many the call
they cage and believing remember darkness On Skin carried bright
all those it the wise starts red the azure and trans-dimensional
researching own entities use it the Golden where
corpse by primeval course fall beneath posed Verse the suicide
The human titled night investors the your points elusive
under psychology clay latter Famous Back witch tearing
amuses Ion hammer included Backwards were destroy nothing
writers the s perfectly sun strong reported wakes a fantasy
supported tactic as pain Blue dead angel offering the apart
Book all it The lover cardiovascular cup your mythology
sacred 6 ignites revulsion ignites revulsion Stop will
death idols threat dance future offering mind cruel that a
the power used scent you became is She destiny
purity seeds the researching trapped dovetail my rehearsal
redemption take thought is Skin offering with sacred freedom
effects other just that went mind I fire
illustrate for sky bleeds flames offering
doom below nation dimensions silos risen
hills dream closer reality Couldn't offering
down offering the There each Springtime s
wound Metacarpi nae gouache I more quiet
mover the identities a time in have pathway
time the a fallen seemingly subdivided force
book entities or that mercy part sea a drugged released by eternity
moon stale corridor Lazar with the on nations disaster Devil