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Riimuja Ja Tonttuja


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Mika Mage
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Mika Mage Absolutely unique & phenomenal album, a must have!! Favorite track: Tonttuuden loputtomassa suossa soi pimeyden ääni.
Kilby Noyce
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Kilby Noyce There are of course hundreds of bands who have dabbled in Anti-Gnomemartialindustrialneofolkmetal. But they are here today and gone tomorrow, and (TONTTU collaborators excepted) only played that sweet anti-gnome music to make themselves more sexually attractive. Ask yourself: how many anti-gnome bands have given themselves to the sacred Cause with such single-minded devotion that their entire discography of nine or more releases is Antignomen? My friends, you know the answer: only TONTTU.
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Spider The most righteous of them all! Favorite track: TONTTU 2.
TONTTU 2 14:13


"Turn on the Anti-Gnome Muzik, Rune in, Drop out from the civilization sympathizing gnomes!
It is becoming clearer and clearer that gnomes are going after our capability to understand what is really happening and what is just gnomes' propaganda: Therefore we must forget everything else and focus on the ancient wisdom & ways of The Anti-Gnomen!
There is no greater wisdom than that of the righteous hatred against gnomes, keep it up and make it grow stronger inside you, only that will make you feel better about yourself! Only that will keep you safe and focused!
Praise The Anti-Gnomen!"


released April 5, 2018

Großinquisitor Rudolf Von Deer:
1-5) Muzikus & Compozamentes (all bvt FvG’s parts), Mixus & Masterus
5) Lyrics 3 & 5) Vox
Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal:
1-5) Vox & Lyrics / Idealisticus Anti-Gnomecvs
Freiherr von Gargamel:
1, 3, 5) Violin, Viola, Recorders, Tin whistle, Mouth harp, Baglama saz, Mandolin
High Commander Hephzipah:
1, 3, 5) Compozamentes 4) Vox
Marcel P. of Miel Noir:
1, 4, 5) Vox & Translazione Germanicvs 4) Lyricvs

P. Emerson Williams:
Artz / Lay-Outoz

Mixed &Mastered by Rudolf Von Deer at VonDerLabs .
Rudolf recorded at VonDerLabs.
Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal recorded at VonDerLabs  & Anti-Gnome HQ.
Freiherr von Gargamel recorded at Lempo-studio.
High Commander Hephzipah recorded at Anti-Gnome HQ
Marcel P. of Miel Noir recorded at Dungeon Studio, Rhenania.

Remember to get the digital version for translations and additional info!