by Choronzon



Just in time for the apocalypse and completed as a major storm makes landfall on the US East Coast comes a new album from the chaotes of Choronzon. The Consummation of metanoia is the pain of the psyche growing into new states of being. The Consummation of metanoia is the overwhelming transcendence even of healing to a transformation beyond the human to the essence of being human. A joyful opening to psychosis as means of preparation for easier adaptation. An embrace of fragility as a way to feel the full force of one's strength.

With ///Consummation//\\Metanoia\\\ Choronzon completes a creative and narrative arc that began with Ziggurat Of Dead Shibboleths. The code of esoteric insight broken, freedom declared under cover of night and now the mind is transformed and chakreas are open. This album is the Veil of Maya lifting as the inner being is revealed after many lifetime's of journey through war and illusion.


released November 5, 2012

P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vox, Cryptovox, Sequencing
Ferenc Teglas - Standup Bass, Percussion, Synth
BALEYYG - Aural Manipulations, Ambientia
The Xenodimensional CHORONZON - Cryptovox / Ritual Activation

Recorded on two continents over the course of a week
Mixed at Abulafia Studio
Mastered By Ferenc Teglas


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Track Name: Transversion of The Three Worlds

Emergence experience in occupy apparitions
Traverses law of the Three worlds
Alertness death reigns in holy rhythms
The vision men,
maintained by the hierophant machine.
The frenetic perception of light,
A fire Within Non-Being
All atonement purges
Fully the nobility in transition
Meditative words,
Atemporal perceptual-cognitive execution.
Become apostates
In the present myth war,

Transversion of the three worlds
(Fully the nobility in transition)

Delusion-filled initiatory actions
During sensuous tragedy
The problem contagion nature
The deliberate ecstasy
The vision men,
Maintained by the hierophant machine.
The frenetic perception of light,
A fire Within Non-Being

Transversion of the three worlds
(Fully the nobility in transition)

Through Perpetual Apocalypsis
An uncovering in every moment
Learned Possession and revolution
Track Name: System Uncertainty

Imagination is your peace crop not continued time
Attachment, courage, famous in initiates minds.
The Book fire, century streams to Ancient illumined men,
The investigation secrecy deepening lines assists them,
Processions like divided paradox Mysteries broken
THRONE of the sun world, the fourth arrayed hand opened

Trance-like from continuity transported through atonement
The hyperquiescent outside its awareness This social Tyrant
Destruction objects and poet inspiration
Inspired and destruction holds A Revelation
Dissolution by the returning universe,
Veiled stars project in a potent burst.

A frail system Uncertainty
Ritual awareness possessed

Beast to prophet, a written Omega control
The lamps Restored twelfth trumpets intoned
Nefarious this sin therefore established material permanence
The sickle, this Rite serpent shown the countenance
Wilderness descending but are of primum, mystic throne.
Living forth the evil of the ladder, burning souls

Neural, pious Non-Being mind In holy consciousness.
Effects system Uncertainty Ritual awareness possessed.
Sin scales altar and a shining Holy pit of fire regenerated
Twenty-four, their sin abstractions, monster venerated
Being represents with inner chakras, nerve Apocalypse contentions
When mysteries and the swallowed vines flood the luminous,

A frail system Uncertainty
Ritual awareness possessed