Der Human​-​Gnome Projektum 5


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Kilby Noyce
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Kilby Noyce Are you tired of being ground down by the gears of a conspiracy that has persecuted you all of your life? Are you sick of being pushed around by hidden, malevolent forces that you are unable to understand or fight? Are you constantly being abducted by aliens? Do hundreds of whispering gnomified voices keep you awake at night? Then my friend, this is the album for you: no more sleepless nights, no more questioning your sanity, no more embarrassing implants – just the plain and simple Truth. Favorite track: Jo Muinaiset Tontut.
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letranger Ahhhhh.....Nothing like the smell of fresh Anti-Gnome chants... Favorite track: Jo Muinaiset Tontut.


"Something grey, used as a tool, Something red, undeniably cruel."

Discombobulated, confused and otherwise messed up TFG opened his sleep-swollen eyes: world appeared unchanged to him, but was that a good thing or just a charade to hide the gnomish truth?

Was there a battle going on in the first place?

There were but few options left after assessing The Evidence: people and things possessed and/or infected by gnomes, and that darned Gnome-Tech. The first option would be to continue the dazed sleep and hope for the best:

to let the world go down the predestined way and surrender. Or should he once again gather the Anti-Gnome Troops and raise the victorious flag of The Order of TONTTU!?


released December 11, 2014

Anti-Gnomen Warriors at DHGP5:

Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal: Propaganda & Composing (2) & Structuralism of songs...

Großinquisitor Rudolf Von Deer: Engineering & Composing etc...

High Commander Hephzibah: Composing (2, 3) & Translations

P. Emerson Williams: Cover Art

TJBM: Anti-Gnomen printables on digital version

Recorded and Finalized at

Make sure you also get the digital version with translations and art!

To those who seek knowledge:



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